seo-北漂搬家不再愁 裝進箱子裡的家問世

  The developers promise that no tools are necessary for breaking down or reassembling the Casulo, making it as easy to move in as it is to move out。


  But manufacturers are aiming to bring the weight down to 330 pounds。


  It can also store all of your bedroom furniture, in a fraction of the space。

  The Casulo is not yet available in stores, but the team of Krings and Mühlh?user is in talks to get it into production。

  Calling it ‘a new concept for mobile living,’ they named their design Casulo, the Portuguese word for ‘cocoon.’



  It was designed with the goal easing the more frustrating phases of moving – time, transport and reassembling furniture。


  But it may not take a magician or sorcery to furnish a room with just a box。


  Casulo是德國設計師Marcel Krings和Sebastian Mühlh?user的心血結晶。

  Moving the Casulo, however, might be at least a two-person job, as each box weighs about 375 pounds。

箱子裡可以裝一個家 舖開後的家


  From inside the box to a fully-furnished room, the job can be done in about seven minutes, as demonstrations show。

  The Casulo contains everything needed for a bedroom: the bed, a desk,報關貨運公司, shelves an armoire, and several units of storage。


  The room in a box: A crate idea that cuts moving time and storage in half

  Magicians are famous for their use of boxes, from sawing their lovely assistants in half to making themselves disappear。



  Casulo在商店裡還未開始出售,但是Krings and Mühlh,屏東搬家?user的團隊已經在准備將其投入生產了。

  The Casulo is the brainchild of German designers Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlh?user。



  The design duo came published the idea in 2007 in their dissertation at the K?ln International School of Design in Cologne。


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